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Preparing a better tomorrow

“We believe in making a difference by creating value in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.”
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Our Responsibility Strategy

With our history dating back more than two centuries, we know that only by respecting natural resources and promoting an improvement to the quality of life of current generations, through economic progress and responsible consumption, can we ensure the sustainability of future generations.

Our Principles

As food experts, we know we can implement and influence practices and processes that have a significant impact on the environment and on people.

That’s why we seek to balance the relationship between economic prosperity, social development and environmental conservation in the countries where we do business.

By doing so, we are encouraging the adoption of best practices and high standards of quality, safety and environmental and social respect throughout the value chain of our products, as well in the way we source, the jobs we create and the support we offer to the communities.

Our 5 pillars of Responsibility

Our Responsibility strategy is based on 5 action pillars:

Promoting Good Health through Food

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Respecting the Environment

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Sourcing Responsibly

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Supporting Surrounding Communities

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Being a Benchmark Employer

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Sustainability in the Value Chain

The sustainable development of our activity depends on how we manage our relations with the various players throughout the value chain. We believe we can have a positive influence on those who cooperate with us on different levels, by promoting more sustainable production and consumption practices in the supply chains.

Sustainability in the Value Chain


We work with our partners to pursue an innovative and sustainable development of their activities and products.


We seek to minimise our operations’ impacts, improve working conditions and support our people.


We offer safe, healthy and quality food solutions, while promoting responsible consumption.


We support our communities, endeavouring to promote social cohesion and breaking cycles of poverty and malnutrition.

Sustainability in the Value Chain