Due to the size of our business, we are responsible for the impacts generated by our activities.
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Defining our priorities

We maintain regular dialogue with stakeholders to identify and prioritise aspects of our businesses that have a significant impact on social and environmental sustainability. We conduct interviews and surveys, and analyse legal documents and strategic programmes to learn what topics of our activities are the most important for our stakeholders.

In 2019, and for the third time, we carried out a review of the material aspects to be considered within the scope of our Corporate Responsibility strategy and reporting, aligned with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), in its GRI Standards version, which we do regularly.

In total, more than 3,400 responses were collected, which were analysed in accordance with the AA1000 (AA1000SES and AA1000AP) standards, from ten different stakeholders from the three countries where we operate, including from top managers of the Group and of its Companies.

As a result of this analysis, we identified ten material topics: 

  1.  Food quality and safety;
  2. Reduction of packaging materials and use of sustainable materials;
  3. Ethics and transparency;
  4. Fighting food waste;
  5. Respect for Human and workers Rights;
  6. Affordable product offering;
  7. Respect for Human and Labour Rights in the supply chain;
  8. Mission, Vision and Strategy;
  9. Support to social projects;
  10. Incorporation of circular economy principles.


During 2023 we will conduct another survey to reassess the material aspects that should be reflected in our Corporate Responsibility strategy. This survey will already take into account the concept and principles of double materiality.

The Committee on Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility is the body responsible for ensuring compliance, disclosure and reinforcement of our corporate responsibility principles. Each Company has a Sustainability Committee that manages priorities and the alignment between the Group’s corporate responsibility policies and the practices of the Companies. In 2022, we held 19 Sustainability Committee meetings.

Independent Verification

Information on the stakeholder survey and material topics was confirmed by an external and independent entity for the Groups 2019 Annual Report.