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Through the Customer Ombudsman, we value the rights and preferences of consumers, with neutrality, impartiality, independence and confidentiality.
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Customer Ombudsman

The mission of the Jerónimo Martins Customer Ombudsman is to represent and defend the rights of the consumers and customers of the Group’s Companies. Its action is based on four pillars: impartiality, neutrality, independence and confidentiality.

The Customer Ombudsman plays a proactive role in identifying risk situations and opportunities for the operational improvements of the Jerónimo Martins Companies in what concerns its relationship with its customers, monitoring the Group’s commitments and promoting internal debate about customer rights and expectations at the same time.

It is, therefore, the ultimate and appropriate channel for solving complex and structural issues that haven’t found a solution through the usual channels, such as the stores or Customer Services.

In 2017, the management model in place for the last three years was consolidated through the following actions:

  • A continuous commitment focused on quality and speed of the communication with the customer;
  • Liaison, diagnosis, intervention and follow-up of the commitments made by the different Group’s Companies Departments;
  • Hosting of internal forums;
  • Production of periodic reports, with activity indicators and recommendations; and,
  • Training focused on the development of an internal customer culture.


Customer Ombudsman

The Customer Ombudsman is the Jerónimo Martins Companies customers’ representative, ensuring that their rights and expectations are defended, guaranteeing that their opinions are discussed and watching over the Group’s values.

The Customer Ombudsman’s activity is oriented for conflict resolution between costumers and the Group’s Companies, and it is based on four principles: impartiality, neutrality, independence and confidentiality.

To assist in carrying out this role, there is a supporting team, made up by people specialised in different areas, ensuring efficiency in the scrutiny of events, handling of the information and contact with customers. This team also maintains the governance principles of the Customer Ombudsman Service.


  • By deploying the necessary means to clarify situations and drawing up recommendations, should there be evidence of behaviour that goes against the values and principles of the Group;
  • By identifying and recommending opportunities for internal improvement, considering the Group’s values and strategy and the customers’ interests.


Mandatory Requirements for Establishing Contact With The Customer Ombudsman

All situations submitted for consideration by the Customer Ombudsman must be presented in a clear and detailed way and must provide all the information regarding the means available for answering or obtaining additional clarifications.

The Customer Ombudsman has the right to forward to the traditional service channels available at the Group Companies (Customer Support Services) reported events that haven’t previously been evaluated and answered by these channels, , considering the severity level of the event.

In addition, it also reserves the right to not respond or to interact with interlocutors who clearly reveal bad faith, expose inappropriate content or report anonymous complaints whose grounds are manifestly insufficient for consideration.

For reporting situations of a different type that aren’t related with the scope and mission of the Customer Ombudsman, we recommend consulting the corporate website to find the appropriate contacts for different typologies of request.



Customers should present their questions in the fullest possible way, and also indicating at least one contact for reply, as well as available hours should it be necessary to obtain further clarification.


When sending an email, and if the contact is successful, you will receive a confirmation message.

Phone: 808 209 920 / +351 210 184 488

These lines are available for personalised service on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. During other periods of contact, your call will be forwarded to an automatic answering service where you may leave a short message, including your personal details for further contact.

Address: Rua Actor António Silva, nº 7 1649-033 Lisboa

Any written correspondence should be posted by means of registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt and written in a legible way, preferably in capital letters.

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