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We nurture health

We are committed to improving the quality of life of our consumers through food and by promoting responsible consumption.
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Promoting good health through food

Our strategic development priorities for this pillar are as follows:

  • To invest in the quality and innovation of our Private Brands;
  • To promote food safety;
  • To offer a trustworthy service;
  • To provide full nutritional information on the products we sell.

Promoting good health through food is embodied in two strategies that are common to all the countries and sectors in which we operate:

  • To promote dietary quality and diversity, according to the Group’s Nutritional Policy;
  • To guarantee the food safety of the products we sell.


We have reduced the level of ingredients such as salt, sugar and fat in our products, making them healthier.

Differentiated Solutions

We have created taylor-made food solutions for people with special dietary requirements.


We provide nutritional information on our products so that consumers can choose better.

Food Safety

We invest in the certification and monitoring of our products, facilities and processes.


We’re passionate about Food Distribution, which is why we have developed a nutritional policy that promotes the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

As a food specialist, we believe it is decisive to contribute towards good public health through high quality, safe and nutritionally-balanced products, whilst at the same time promoting healthy eating habits.

Our commitment to Promoting Good Health through Food comes from our recognition of the role that food can play in preventing diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases and, consequently, in promoting quality of life.

The Jerónimo Martins Group’s Nutritional Policy, reviewed in 2010 and based on the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Europe, comprises a set of principles and priorities for developing our Private Brands.