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Building differentiated solutions

We want to be a proactive player in the fight against and prevention of food-related diseases, by building differentiated solutions.
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Differentiated solutions

Our Companies incorporate in their offer solutions that meet rising consumer trends: the adoption of healthier lifestyles, the demand for convenient food solutions with a balanced nutritional profile or the growth of consumer groups with special dietary needs.



In 2017, we remained focused on launching Pingo Doce products that have health benefits and/or are low-processed, while also investing in more convenient portions for consumers:

  • 0% Light fat free yoghurt with no added sugar, with tropical fruit and with strawberry;
  • Breakfast biscuits, with 37% to 76% cereal content, containing high-oleic sunflower oil – a source of iron and fibre;
  • Chicken nuggets with cheese, made of 68% chicken breast and without any flavour intensifiers;
  • Dehydrated apple snacks, with no added sugar and a high fibre content.

Also, in the Pura Vida range, aimed at people with specific dietary needs and/or preferences, such as products with no added sugar or gluten-free and/or lactose-free products, 11 new products were launched, bringing the total number of references to 87. Of particular note:

  • Rice, Rice and Coconut, Oats and Almond Drinks, with no added sugar and GMO-free;
  • Chocolate with stevia, composed of 70% cocoa and with no added sugar;
  • Flax-seed flour, a source of zinc and Omega-3, and quinoa seeds, a super-food with a high level of phytonutrients.
  • “Arroz Doce” (Rice Pudding), a traditional Portuguese dessert, made without lactose.



In Poland, we launched products that have potential health benefits and also those aimed at people with specific dietary requirements, including the following in 2017:

  • Sautéed vegetable mixes seasoned with Mroźna Kraina, in the following varieties: quinoa, wholemeal rice, and sunflower with flax seeds, all of which sources of protein and fibre;
  • FruVita Islandic-style yoghurt (skyr) in the natural, raspberry, and blueberry and redcurrant varieties, which are fat-free and have a high protein content;
  • Pastani pasta made of whole grains such as rye, wheat, buckwheat and spelt, which are sources of fibre and minerals, important for a balanced diet.
  • 21 gluten-free references, such as Marinero tinned herring, mackerel and tuna, gluten-free certified;
  • 7 lactose-free products, including the Symfonia ice creams, also gluten-free, Puszysty Bez Laktozy quark cheese and the Mleczna Dolina fresh milk. The latter is noted for being the first Private Brand fresh milk in Poland for people with lactose intolerance.

In addition, we launched certified products for vegans, i.e. whose composition is free from any meat or other products of animal origin such as eggs, dairy products and honey, thereby contributing, through scale and our chain’s outreach, towards more democratic access to vegan products. As such, the Vitanella fruit snacks, a source of fibre without added sugar, low salt content and gluten-free, and also the Pano corn tortilla wrap were released.

Biedronka also launched the GoBio range of organic products whose production methods, among others, use no phytopharmaceuticals. The first references are the GoBio natural yoghurt and fresh milk, which have just a 2% fat content and are certified according to community requirements.



In Colombia, 11 new Ara Exclusive Brand products were put on the market in 2017, with a view to providing healthier alternatives for the consumers of that country, notably:

  • Heil granola cereals, in the almond and walnut and the dried red fruit varieties, which are sources of fibre and have antioxidant properties;
  • the Chocorila, Honky Tonky and Zokis breakfast cereals for younger consumers, which are fortified with up to 12 vitamins and minerals, are low in sugar and calories and are fat-free;
  • Heil corn and rice crackers with sea salt, are low in salt, fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and low in calories.



Within the scope of developing products aimed at healthy growth, we continued investing in the launches from 2016, namely:

  • In Poland, we launched 14 references, the Miami products being of particular note: vanilla yoghurt with added calcium and vitamin D (which are needed for children’s normal growth and bone development), gluten-free corn snacks without added salt, and UHT Milk, with just 3.5% fat, a source of calcium and vitamins A and D, which help the immune system to function.
  • In Portugal, the “Bolsas 100% Fruta Pingo Doce” (Pingo Doce 100% Fruit Packs) specially for children, each have the equivalent to a portion of fruit. These products are a source of vitamin C and fibre and contain no colouring or preservatives. Furthermore, they have no added sugar – just what is naturally present in the fruit.
  • In the Pura Vida range, the “Bebida de Soja Kids” (Soy Drink for Kids) was launched, which is a product that is a source of iron, calcium, iodine and vitamins B1, B2, B12, C, D2 and E.
  • “Farinha Láctea Pêra Pingo Doce” (Pingo Doce Pear Infant Cereal) for babies as from the age of 4 months, which has no gluten in its composition and contains follow-on milk.
  • “Pingo Doce Farinha de Trigo” (Wheat Infant Cereal) and “Farinha Bolacha Maria” (Maria Biscuit Infant Cereal), which are rich in calcium, iron and various vitamins that are essential for growth.