We offer products tailored to the needs of all consumers, including those with more specific preferences or needs.
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Differentiated Solutions

We are committed to offering solutions that meet different consumer trends. Consumers who adopt healthier lifestyles, those looking for convenient food solutions with a balanced nutritional profile, or people with special dietary needs and/or preferences will find solutions in our stores. In all the countries where we do business, we endeavour to develop alternative food products for specific consumer groups, such as vegan, lactose-free and/or gluten-free solutions.

Private Brand products available at the end of 2022


Our stores in Portugal and Poland sell organic products, that is, products that are made using sustainable production methods, without the use of phytopharmaceuticals.

The Go Bio brand, launched in 2018, is a selection of certified organic products with a positive impact on consumer health.


The Go Vege range, launched in Portugal and Poland, is for consumers who prefer products without animal protein (and which do not contain genetically modified organisms in their composition, among other legally required criteria) and as such contain only plant-based ingredients. These products are offered alongside other Private Brands, such as Pingo Doce or the exclusive Biedronka brands.


Every year we develop new Private Brand food solutions for consumers with an intolerance to the protein in cereals like wheat, barley and rye, and for those who are lactose intolerant.


The Group continues to invest in bringing products to the market that meet the needs and preferences of consumers while it also extends the supply of food that encourages healthier consumption patterns.

Active life

Consumers with active lifestyles, such as sportspeople, seniors and the general public also have specific dietary needs, particularly when having a balanced consumption pattern. For this consumer profile, Pingo Doce launched the Go Active range in 2021, the first food retailer in Portugal to do so. In 2022, the Go Active product range was also launched by Biedronka.

Clean labelling

Biedronka has endeavoured to include clean label products in its assortment, with fewer ingredients and free of chemical additives, synthetics and highly processed ingredients.

Pura Vida

People with specific dietary needs or who prefer a more balanced and natural diet can opt for the Pura Vida range, available at Pingo Doce.


We seek to ensure that products aimed at children are healthier and have a better nutritional profile than the benchmark for each market.

In 2023, and regarding the Biedronka Private Brand products for which there was a benchmark, 59% had a better profile than other products on the market and 38% had the same profile. In Portugal, of the 50 products on sale most consumed by children with a benchmark established at Pingo Doce and Amanhecer, 78% had profiles similar to the benchmark and 22% had a better profile.

In Poland, and since 2020, all the products consumed mainly by children are free from preservatives, sweeteners, glucose-fructose syrup, phosphate, monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated vegetable oils and the emulsifier polyglycerol polyricinoleate (E476).

Also noteworthy is the extension of Biedronka’s Dada brand, aimed at younger audiences such as babies and children, to the food products category in 2023. The brand’s organic juices, one with carrot and apple and the other with apple, pumpkin and banana (both rich in vitamin C), have arrived on the market.

At Pingo Doce, the highlight is the launch of two organic flours for preparing porridge: a rice flour for children from four months (gluten-free and rich in vitamin B1) and a multi-cereal flour for children from six months (rich in vitamins A, B1 and D, calcium, iron and zinc). These flours have no added sugar, salt or hydrolysed flours.