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Promoting quality through our products

We offer high quality, healthier products with more nutritional information.
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We have reduced the levels of salt, fats, sugars, preservatives and other artificial ingredients, adding greater amounts of fibre, fruit and micronutrients wherever possible.

When reformulating, the priority lies with fast-moving consumer goods, those seen as beneficial for the health or those most popular among children, thereby boosting our contribution towards quality public health.

The objective is to prevent and fight against diet-related diseases including obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.

The Guidelines for Developing Private Brand Products reinforce the principles listed in our Nutritional Policy and define the following:

  • Restrictions as to the use of colouring, preservatives and other superfluous, synthetic additives;
  • Maximum accepted quantities of some ingredients in the products, such as salt, sugar and fat;
  • Nutritional reformulation strategies;
  • Appropriate packaging materials for contact with foodstuffs;
  • Principles of nutritional labelling, including information on health, nutrition and the promotion of healthy lifestyles;
  • Product monitoring plans – namely sensorial tests – audits and laboratory controls.

Nutritional reformulations of Private Brand Products1

In 2016, we prevented the following from entering the market:

tonnes of fat
tonnes of sugar
tonnes of salt

1The number of tonnes of sugar, fat and salt removed is obtained using the following calculation method: the quantity of these ingredients present in the formula of the references covered, multiplied by the number of units sold in the year.

  • 01


    We reduced the levels of fat and saturated fat in 18 references of Biedonka’s exclusive brands, where of particular note are the Kraina Wedlin pork sausages, whose fat content was decreased by around 4%. 4 references of Mr. Potato frozen chips were also reformulated, reducing the saturated fat by around 80%.

  • 02


    29 products underwent a nutritional reformulation, including the Choco Rice cereals, whose sugar reduction reached 32%.

  • 03


    We reformulated 2 Oat drink mixtures, to lower the sugar content and increase the amount of oats.