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How we are recognized

Take a look on how we seek to manage in a balanced way the relationship between economic prosperity, social development and environmental preservation
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  • 01

    FTSE Russel

    We have been, since 2016,  in the FTSE4Good Developed and the FTSE4Good Europe Indices, which identify the companies that best manage the sustainability risks through commitments and actions in the development of their businesses.

  • 02

    Iss Oekom

    We are, since 2012, evaluated by oekom research AG, one of the main worldwide rating agencies dedicated to sustainable investment. Each company is analysed based on about 100 indicators regarding its social, environmental and governance performance. In 2017, we obtained the “Prime” classification, a level that distinguishes the leading companies in its sector.

    Oekom has become a member of the ISS family in March 2018, providing high quality solutions for sustainable and responsible investment and corporate governance.

  • 03

    Stoxx Index

    We are part of the STOXX ESG indexes, specifically the STOXX Global ESG Leaders and the STOXX Global ESG Environmental Leaders, which represent the world’s leading companies in social, environmental and governance best practices.

  • 04

    Ethibel Index

    We were acknowledged by remaining on the Ethibel Excellence Investment Registers and the Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe, which highlight the companies with the best performance in sustainable and ethical investments.

  • 05

    Euronext Vigeo Index: Eurozone 120

    We maintained our inclusion in the Euronext Vigeo Index: Eurozone 120, an index which distinguishes the companies with the best performance in over 300 indicators regarding social, environmental and governance aspects.

  • 06

    Morgan Stanley Capital International Index

    We are part of the MSCI ACWI ESG Leaders and MSCI ACWI SRI indices that represent companies with high performance in the social, environmental and governance areas. The Group achieved the AA rating at a leadership level in 2017.

  • 07

    CDP Climate e CDP Forests

    We participate in the Climate and Forests programs. In 2017, we obtained a score of “B“ in the Climate program, and “A-” score for palm oil and paper and wood and “B” for soybean and beef in the Forests program. Our answers are publicly disclosed.

  • 08

    European Business Awards

    We have won the National Champion and Ruban d’Honneur awards in the category “The Award for Environmental & Corporate Sustainability” for our strategy of fighting food waste.

  • 09

    Ethical Corporation

    Also Ethical Corporation has awarded an honorable mention in the category of “Most Effective Domestic Community Investment” to the work developed in the fight against food waste.

  • 10

    Responsible Business

    This organization distinguished two initiatives of the Social Responsibility area of ​​Jerónimo Martins Polska: “Young designers for Biedronka” and “Biedronka and well-known designers for DKMS Foundation”.

  • 11

    Biały Listek CSR

    Biedronka was honored by “Polityka” magazine with the Biały Listek CSR award for following the ISO 26000 recommendations.

  • 12

    Architecture with Energy

    The Biedronka store in Bydgoszcz was awarded this prize in the category “Public Building”, which aims to select the most energy efficient buildings.

  • 13

    Junior Achievement

    We were distinguished with the Founder Prize in recognition of the role played in the foundation and promotion of the success of the institution since its birth in Portugal in 2005.