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Cherishing our planet

Environmental conservation is essential for the sustained growth of our businesses, coupled with efficient resource management.
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Respecting the Environment

Companies within the food sector face environmental challenges which, with the increasing scarcity of raw materials, may influence their business strategies and operational processes.

With our size comes the responsibility to effectively link supply and demand and create supply chains that promote more sustainable production and consumption practices.

That is why preserving biodiversity, fighting climate change and responsibly managing waste are our top environmental priorities.

Our results


Waste from the operations sent for RECYCLING
Distribution Centres with environmental certification
Reduction in energy consumption per €1,000 of sales

Our Priorities

We govern our activity based on 3 main pillars

Climate Change

We adopt a responsible and proactive stance, with the aim of minimising the emissions from our activities.


We believe we have a role to play in protecting biological diversity.

Waste Management

We invest in preventing, minimising and recovering the waste generated.

Operating Principles

These pillars are materialised in the following principles:

  • 01

    we link the legitimate demand for growth to the protection of the environment

  • 02

    we include environmental performance criteria when developing and carrying out all activities and in the management of decision-making processes.

  • 03

    we promote and encourage environmental management and eco-efficiency practices throughout the supply chain

  • 04

    we promote and encourage eco-innovation, by developing and supporting environmental projects and services that have differentiating features

Environmental Management Systems

The Environmental Management Systems aim at ensuring compliance with the Group’s Environmental Policy, as well as with the legislation in force, namely through the certification of our Distribution Centres and audits to our stores and suppliers.

With regard to our Distribution Centres, the Environmental Management System implemented is based on international standard ISO 14001:2012.

In Portugal, 4 out of 7 Distribution Centres have this certification (Azambuja, Vila do Conde, Algoz and Alfena). In Poland, 15 out of 17 Distribution Centres have the same certification, ensuring that more than 70% of our Distribution Centres are certified under the same standard.

Over the next 3 years, our goal is to increase the number of establishments with this certification to 25. In 2017, all the Polish Distribution Centres renewed their certification for handling organic products, according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007.

Raising Employee and Consumer Awareness

We recognize the importance of individual and collective behaviour for better management of natural resources, emissions and waste. As such, we develop various awareness initiatives, aimed at different stakeholders, such as employees, customers and consumers.