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Working to protect the ecosystems

We recognise the importance of Biodiversity for the sustainability of the communities in which we operate.
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We believe we have a role to play in protecting biological diversity. That’s why we assess the environmental risks of our activities, so that we can identify any threats and opportunities for improvement. Whenever possible, we involve our partners in the supply chain, namely our suppliers.

We use the Ecosystem Services Review methodology, proposed by the World Research Institute to assess risks related to ecosystem services. Accordingly, we have defined 11 priority action pillars, which are the drivers of our projects and management practices, and which include:

  • Information management;
  • Training;
  • Partnerships with suppliers;
  • Research and Development.

Among the research projects that we develop and support, we would like to highlight the classification of the potential risk of the top-selling species of fish in our Companies in Portugal and in Poland. Learn more about our sustainable fishing practices here.

With regard to farming, after conducting a study on the practices of the Group’s Portuguese suppliers, a handbook was prepared in collaboration with our partners who produce fruit and vegetables, to promote the use of production methods that foster the protection of biodiversity, among other aspects.

In 2017, the handbook’s methodology was applied on 40 farms belonging to 25 suppliers, and an overall sustainability index was determined for each one.

We will continue to gradually make this handbook available to our Fruit and Vegetable suppliers in Portugal so that they can estimate and share their overall sustainability index, as well as their respective measures for improvement.

Thus, we will be able to monitor their progress over time. We also hope this project can be extended to suppliers in Poland and Colombia in the coming years.

Partners and Support

We supported the following initiatives focused on promoting projects for restoring natural habitats and protecting biodiversity:

Institution Project
Lisbon Oceanarium “Super Animais” Pingo Doce Campaign II
Lisbon Oceanarium Lisbon Oceanarium
Lisbon Zoo “Super Animais” Pingo Doce Campaign I
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Green Heart of Cork
Liga para a Protecção da Natureza (LPN – Nature Protection League) ECOs-Locais
European Recycling Platform (ERP) – Portugal “Geração Depositrão”(“WEEE Recycling Generation”) Project
Lisbon Zoo Sponsorship of the Ring-tailed Lemur 

Our partnership with Green Project Awards Portugal, since 2015, has led to the presentation of the “Jerónimo Martins-Green Project Awards Research and Development Award”, in the amount of 20 thousand euros for scientific research projects that can be replicated, and which benefit the environment, society and the economy.

The “Green Detergents” project, which researches the use of vegetable waste in developing cleaning products that have a lower impact on the water and biodiversity, won the first edition of the award.

In 2017, award-winning project “ECO-Zement” stood out for being innovative in its use of FCC waste from the oil refining process in cement-based construction materials. The partial replacement of cement with this waste – which is estimated to reach 1,700 tonnes per year in landfills – has a smaller environmental impact than conventional materials given that it uses raw materials that are usually discarded, thus reducing carbon emissions and the use of non-renewable natural resources.