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Sustainability from source

We endeavour to incorporate ethical and environmental concerns in our supply chains, in order to drive a gradual and sustained improvement regarding the impacts of our business activity.
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Sourcing Responsibly

We consider suppliers and service providers to be business partners that are key elements in building the value proposals of our brands and banners.

Our corporate sourcing policy is based on 5 aspects:  

  • 01

    quality and food safety

  • 02

    fair prices

  • 03

    healthy nutrition

  • 04

    social well-being

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Our Priorities

We govern our activity based on 3 main pillars


Zero net deforestation by 2020

It is our objective to progressively ensure the sustainable origin of commodities that are part of our Private Brand products.

Certified products

We seek to add value to the products we sell, by incorporating environmental and social concerns.

Partnerships: local suppliers and innovation

Whenever possible, we prefer lasting relations with local suppliers and we make partnerships for products' innovation.

Supplier code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct establishes a set of ethical principles and values which we believe our suppliers should share with us – namely regarding labour and environmental matters – and that may have an impact on the quality and safety of the products made available to our customers.

Within this context, our business partners also undertake to respect the laws on Social Ethics, Labour, and Hygiene, Health and Safety in the Workplace in the countries where they operate.

In addition, within the scope of our participation in The Consumer Goods Forum, we have taken on the commitment to contribute towards eradicating forced labour – as defined by the International Labour Organization – throughout our supply chain and to continue to make sure that it does not exist in our own operations.

Audits and Certifications

Suppliers of Perishables and Private Brand are regularly audited with a view to periodically assessing and monitoring the management and control processes, the quality system implemented and the product formulation, as well as labour and environmental aspects.

For us to guarantee a high-quality, safe product, we give preference to internationally-renowned certifications.

In the case of foreign suppliers who are not covered by our internal audit system, we favour building relations with suppliers who are certified in Food Safety, as recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).