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We are, by tradition and by sense of mission, active and deeply involved with the communities where we have operations.
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Supporting Surrounding Communities

We develop close relationships with the communities where we are present, seeking to make a positive and lasting contribution to their social and economic progress.

Through our products, the employment we generate and the support we grant to causes and institutions that help the more vulnerable groups in society – such as children, young people and the elderly – we endeavour to positively and actively influence the communities surrounding our stores and Distribution Centers.

The most significant support provided by the Group, either directly or indirectly, is generally in the form of donations in foodstuffs, in order to contribute towards the fight against hunger and malnutrition.

Direct and Indirect Support

We support communities through donations and by promoting campaigns for our consumers.

Social Initiatives

We sponsor social initiatives with a potential for change, focusing on children, young people and the elderly.

Internal campaigns

We believe in engaging our employees in programmes for the community.

Impact Measurement

The actions we support and/or promote are monitored and evaluated in relation to the impact they produce, in order to efficiently allocate resources to projects that cover the largest possible number of people and/or that generate the greatest and best results. In addition to visiting the institutions with which we have signed cooperation agreements, we monitor, since 2011, the support granted through the criteria outlined by the Business for Societal Impact (previous London Benchmarking Group).

Independent Verification

The 2020 data referring to the infrastructure investments and services supported, significant indirect economic impacts, local community engagement and impact’s measurement of the support granted to our surrounding communities was verified by an external and independent entity in the context of the Group’s 2020 Annual Report.

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