We are actively and deeply involved with the communities where we are present.
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Supporting Surrounding Communities

We build close relationships with the communities where our stores and distribution centres are located to make a positive and lasting contribution towards local social and economic progress.

We fulfil our mission through our products, the jobs we create and the support we provide. We support institutions that help the more vulnerable groups in society – such as the elderly, children and young people in need.

The most significant support is generally provided through food donations to help fight hunger and malnutrition.


We support communities through donations and by holding campaigns for our customers.


We sponsor projects that can effect change and that focus on children, young people and the elderly.


We encourage our employees to engage in social programmes.

Impact measurement

The actions we support and/or promote are monitored and assessed as to the impact they produce, to efficiently allocate resources to projects that cover the largest possible number of people and/or that generate the greatest and best outcomes. We regularly visit the institutions with which we have cooperation agreements and, since 2011, we have monitored the support provided using the criteria outlined by the Business for Societal Impact (formerly the London Benchmarking Group).

Independent Verification

Information on investments in supported infrastructures and services, significant indirect economic impacts, engagement with the local community, and measurement of the impact of the support provided to surrounding communities in 2023 was confirmed by an external and independent entity for the Group’s 2023 Annual Report.

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