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Engagement and Commitment

We maintain our commitment to support various institutions which carry out important social work.
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Direct Support

In 2016, we gave direct support to over a thousand institutions amounting to 18 million euros. This value represents an increase of 3% compared to 2015.

Institutionally, we have supported over 40 organizations by donating over 1.5 million euros. Of this amount, 71% went to the education area and 27% to the social area.

Pingo Doce supported over 440 institutions that have a social mission in surrounding communities, by donating food products or offering monetary support. These amounted to over 15.4 million euros, an increase of over 5% when compared to 2015.

Recheio, Jerónimo Martins Distribuição de Produtos de Consumo (JMDPC), Jerónimo Martins Restauração e Serviços (JMRS) and Hussel companies gave 451 thousand euros to charities, mostly in food products.

In Poland, the support to institutions and initiatives that help fight hunger and malnutrition, which sought to raise the awareness of society to social causes such as the importance of healthy eating, the welfare of institutionalised children and the centrality of the family, amounted to over 385 thousand euros.

In 2016, Ara donated food products equivalent to over 81 thousand euros.

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    Academia do Johnson

    The support initiated in 2015 to Academia do Johnson (Johnson’s Academy), the community project that has the mission to combat social exclusion and the dropout of about 140 children and young people from vulnerable communities in the Lisbon region, was maintained. The institution promotes the practice of sport as a means of developing behavioural, social and technical skills that help prevent risk situations in their lives and that enhance their integration into society.

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    “Let's Stay Together” Campaign

    Just as in previous years, Biedronka supported the Let’s Stay Together campaign, as part of International Children’s Day, developed along with Caritas Polska, to foster the strengthening of ties between children and their families. The campaign took place in 21 cities in various regions in Poland and more than 200 thousand children and parents were registered, who had the opportunity to enjoy various entertainment activities and foodstuffs offered by Biedronka, representing an investment of over 170 thousand euros.

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    Ara continued its support to Abaco – Asociación de Bancos de Alimentos de Colombia (Colombian Association of Food Banks), the mission of which is to establish strategic alliances with public and private partners to fight against hunger and food waste.

Indirect Support

Aiming to leverage consumer’s engagement in the fight against hunger, at Pingo Doce, volunteers collected approximately 1,300 tonnes of food for the Portuguese Food Bank and other institutions such as C.A.S.A. – Centro de Apoio ao Sem Abrigo (Centre for Supporting the Homeless).

The vouchers convertible into foodstuffs for these and other social institutions, were raised among consumers to the amount of over 184 thousand euros.

In Poland, in cooperation with the Federation of Polish Food Banks and Caritas Polska, Biedronka stores collected over 1,870 tonnes of foodstuffs donated by its customers.

In Colombia, Ara raised an amount of over 51 thousand euros, an increase of 55% when compared to 2015, among its clients to support the Fundación Aldeas Infantiles SOS Colombia (SOS Children’s Villages Colombia Foundation), which helps more than 1,654 children and youngsters from 2,138 families in the municipalities of Riosucio, Bolívar and Bogotá due to Ara’s expansion.