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We encourage our employees to engage in promoting projects with a positive impact on society.
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Volunteering and Internal Campaigns

We promote volunteer programmes among Group employees in partnership with civil society organisations. Everybody’s contribution to social causes, citizenship and situations of emergency is vital to building more cohesive, aware and caring societies. 


As of 31/12/2021

Girl Move

The partnership with the Girl Move Academy, in place since 2016, aims at training and empowering Mozambican girls and women so that they can become agents for social, economic and political development in their communities, fighting and reversing cycles of poverty through education. Each Girl Mover spends a month at the Group, monitored by a mentor. During this time, each participant is given the tools they need to return to Mozambique better prepared to help develop their country using their improved knowledge. The Group has welcomed 20 Girl Movers in the Academy’s six editions.

70+ Customer

This is an internal volunteer programme created in 2020 as a result of the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, through which office employees assist senior citizens in shopping for essential goods. Besides food, older customers are also given time, attention and hope. Since the project’s launch, 219 volunteers have shopped for about 360 customers.

Portugal Chama

The Group and its Companies in Portugal believe that it is essential to raise awareness among people regarding the need to prevent forest fires, particularly during the most critical times of the year, when days are hotter and drier. That’s why we, since 2019, have participated in the Portugal Chama campaign led by the Agency for the Integrated Management of Forest Fires (AGIF).

Internal Charity Campaigns

During the Christmas season, the Group actively promotes a charity campaign encouraging office employees to offer presents requested by children who live throughout the year in foster homes supported by Jerónimo Martins. In addition, and during the Group’s Christmas party, which brings together over a thousand managers and senior executives, a fundraising campaign is held among employees. The matching donation rationale is followed, so the Group matches the amount donated by employees.

Over the 2021 Christmas season, one thousand needy families identified by the Food Emergency Network (organised by the Food Bank) received gift baskets with Amanhecer food and essential products, prepared by 12 Recheio office employees.