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We believe we can involve our employees in promoting programmes that have an impact on society.
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In partnership with civil society institutions, the Group promotes several volunteerism programmes among its employees, as it considers that everyone’s contribution to social, citizenship and emergency causes is essential to promote more cohesive and supportive societies.

Internal Volunteering Initiatives

Over 9,000

As of 31/12/2019

Our employees have been participating in the programmes of the Junior Achievement Portugal Association for several years, whose objective is to promote entrepreneurship among children and young people through teaching about themes such as: relationship with family and communities, economy, the European Union or entrepreneurship.

In force since 2016, the partnership with Girl Move Academy aims to empower Mozambican youth and women to become agents of social, economic and political development of their communities, fighting and reversing cycles of poverty through education. During their one-month stay in the Group, each Girl Mover is associated with a mentor, with the objective of giving each young woman the necessary tools to return to Mozambique with a different vision of the future and better prepared to contribute with the knowledge acquired for the development of their country.

Internal Campaigns

During the Christmas season, and in keeping with an annual tradition of the Group, we organised an internal campaign of solidarity with the aim of offering gifts to children from unstructured families who live in foster homes supported on a continuous basis by the Group throughout the year.

In addition, during the Group’s Christmas Party, which brings together more than 1,000 managers and senior executives, an internal fund-raising campaign is always organized. Following the matching donation logic, the Group equals the amount donated by the employees.

The Group and its Companies in Portugal consider it extremely important to contribute towards raising awareness among the population of the need for prevention in the most critical months of the year due to the high temperatures and absence of rainfall. That’s why we joined the campaign Portugal Chama (Portugal Calls – in Portuguese, “call” and “flame” are written the same way) by AGIF (Agency for the Integrated Management of Forest Fires) of the Ministry of the Economy.

In addition to raising awareness among employees, Pingo Doce and Recheio made the materials produced by AGIF available on their websites and in 63 stores in the regions usually affected by the calamity of forest fires, such as the districts of Bragança, Castelo Branco and Guarda.