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We campaign on behalf of society

We believe we can involve our employees in promoting programmes that have an impact on society.
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Internal Campaigns

Our employees participated in the Junior Achievement Portugal Association programmes, which aims at fostering entrepreneurship among children and adolescents by teaching subjects such as family and community relations, economics, the European Union and entrepreneurship. In the last 2 academic years, 230 employees volunteered for the programme.

During the Christmas season, and in keeping with the Group’s annual tradition, we held an internal welfare campaign to offer gifts to children from broken homes who live in foster homes, and who are continuously supported by the Group throughout the year. In 2017, the Group’s employees in Portugal offered gifts to 145 children.

Additionally, during the Christmas Party, which brings together 1,000 managers and the senior executives of the Group, we exhibited photographs in an urban context taken by the children and adolescents from 4 institutions with which we have a collaboration agreement. Within the scope of the “Somos Imagem” initiative, our employees got to see the creativity of these children and adolescents first hand, under the theme “Growth”.

We offered several employees the work produced, making them aware of the need to value how these children and adolescents view the world they live in, as a means to promote social inclusion.

The amount donated by the Group in this initiative to Casa Pia, Obra do Ardina, Aldeias SOS and SOL – Association to Support Children infected with the Aids Virus, totalled 2,500 euros. The amount will be used to invest in the personal development and education of children and adolescents under their care.