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We embrace our community

We support and join initiatives which add value to the communities in which we are present.
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Social Initiatives


Institutionally, in Portugal, in 2016 we supported the 8th edition of the largest festival dedicated to sustainability which, in its four days, brought together companies, non-governmental organisations, universities and public entities to show sustainable products or programmes. We took part in talks aimed at students and the general public on fighting food waste (including showcooking on the creative reuse of surpluses in consumer homes), the importance of environmental sustainability in the Modern Distribution sector and the importance of the Johnson’s Academy mission for young people from vulnerable communities. The festival registered around 25 thousand visitors.

Additionally, we sponsored the 11th Social Responsibility Week, promoted by the Associação Portuguesa de Ética Empresarial (Portuguese Association for Corporate Ethics) and by the United Nations’ Global Compact Portuguese Network. Under the theme, “Cooperation for Sustainable Development”, it was possible to address and discuss all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) approved by the United Nations by 2030.


As part of its partnership with Danone, Lubella and Instytut Matki i Dziecka (Institute of Mother and Child), – Partnerstwo dla Zdrowia (Partnership for Health) – more than 1.8 million units of Milk Start were sold every month at cost price.

This project, initiated in 2006, aims at combating malnutrition of the most underprivileged Polish children. Over the past 10 years, we have sold approximately 200 million units of this range of products, the nutritional profiles of which provide up to 25% of the necessary daily recommended needs for vitamins and minerals for growing children.

As part of this partnership, the we extended the awareness programme on the importance of breakfast – Sniadanie Daje Moc (Breakfast Gives You Strength) – to 7,826 schools, which account for more than half of all the primary schools in the country involving more than 195,650 children, an increase of over 13 thousand children when compared to the previous year.

Biedronka, in partnership with its vegetable supplier Green Factory, started the program Zielona Kraina (Green Earth), involving the participation of the Instytut Żywności i Żywienia (Polish Institute for Food and Nutrition), with the aim of fostering healthier food habits among younger generations. Involving nutritionists and cooks, and working with school programmes and food standards recommended by specialists, we carried out 200 free workshops in 70 schools in four Polish cities, involving more than 4,000 children from the fourth year of schooling and 200 teachers.


In Colombia, we have continued supporting Madres Comunitarias (Community Mothers), a governmental initiative aimed at providing foodstuffs to the nannies who take care of children up to the age of five in regions with low financial means.

In 2016, there was a regular supply of foodstuffs to a total of 262 community nurseries that reach 3,668 children, 268 more than in 2015. The value of the baskets amounted to over 82 thousand euros and represented a supply of 130 tonnes of food, an increase of 55% when compared to the previous year.

Our given support is monitored to nannies, through representatives of the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF – Colombian Institute of Family Well-being), who check the correct routing of the foodstuffs as well as the mental and physical well-being of the children who benefit from the programme.


Aware that the promotion and dissemination of children’s literature functions as a springboard for knowledge, critical spirit and creativity among younger generations, a decade ago Pingo Doce started to produce children and young people’s books at prices affordable to all family budgets. More than 350 exclusive titles were launched in these 10 years, and more than 1,800 copies sold have been registered in the last three years.

The Pingo Doce and Biedronka Children’s Literature Prizes have the aim of encouraging literary and artistic creativity, rewarding original works, and democratising access to reading at an important stage in the cognitive and emotional development of children.

In Portugal, the 3rd edition of the Pingo Doce Children’s Literature Prize had more than 2,500 participants for a prize of 50 thousand euros, divided between the winners of the text and illustration categories. Additionally, the winners had the opportunity to publish and sell their first work in Pingo Doce stores.

After the success of the first edition of the  Biedronka Children’s Literature Prize, which translated into over 35 thousand sold copies of the winning title, the 2nd edition was made. Over 5 thousand works were submitted to contest, resulting in a monetary value equivalent to Pingo Doce’s prize, split between the winners of the text and illustration categories, and in the publishing of the winning work to be sold exclusively at Biedronka stores.