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We support and join initiatives which add value to the communities in which we are present.
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Social Initiatives

We establish partnerships with various institutions in order to identify and respond to the challenges of the countries where we develop business.

Promoting Healthy Food and Lifestyles

In Poland, Biedronka supports the programme Zielona Kraina (Green Earth) in cooperation with Green Factory (a long-standing partner supplying 4th range products) and with the participation of Instytut Żywności i Żywienia (Polish Institute of Food and Nutrition). This initiative is in line with the school programmes and eating patterns recommended by specialists, and aims to educate children about healthy eating habits. Since 2015, 496 schools and more than 30,000 teachers and pupils from 30 cities have already been covered.

In Portugal, and in partnership with ABAE – Associação Bandeira Azul Europa (European Blue Flag Association), we support the Eco-Schools programme, aiming at raising awareness among students on eating habits, nutrition and the sustainability of agri-food cultivation, since 2016. Within the scope of this project, students from different academic levels, from nurseries and kindergartens to basic, secondary and professional schools, submit works that respond to challenges such as monitoring nutrition and food safety aspects in canteens, creating pieces of communication on food composition and information on the sustainability of fish species and the nutritional benefits of their consumption and, finally, making complete menus with local and seasonal ingredients. The Group supports the purchase of food products, financial offers to participating teams and prizes to winning schools, which included, among others, solar ovens.

Aiming to promote healthy lifestyles, Pingo Doce has been associated, with the World Bike Tour since 2017, an event that has about 4,000 cyclists in the city of Lisbon. In addition to delivering backpacks to participants with Private Brand food products, natural drinks flavored with fresh fruit are also distributed where the kits are collected.

Pingo Doce and CUF (José de Mello Saúde) have launched a national programme to raise awareness about excessive salt consumption: “Less Salt Portugal”. As part of this initiative, an unprecedented scientific study was developed in Portugal, which sought to make a rigorous assessment and measurement to the population on the consumption of salt and its direct health consequences.

For 12 weeks, 311 volunteers participated in a project aimed at educating for a lower consumption of salt and the adoption of a healthier lifestyle, with the participants being accompanied by nutritionists and other health professionals. The ReEducar (Reeducation for a healthy diet) study was designed to obtain scientific data to assess how lower salt intake, together with the adoption of healthy lifestyles, can reduce blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease, decreasing the probability of heart attack or stroke. Volunteers who completed the programme showed significant improvements in reducing their blood pressure, only by reducing their dietary salt intake and healthier habits.

In the context of this initiative, the The Low Salt Mayonnaise Pingo Doce was launched with the inclusion of Bela-luz thyme. This aromatic is organically produced by CERCICA (Cooperativa para a Educação e Reabilitação de Cidadãos Inadaptados de Cascais), a charity that promotes the inclusion of citizens with special needs within its social agriculture project.

Promotion of Social Inclusion and Entrepreneurship

With the goal of fostering social entrepreneurship and the financial sustainability of institutions in the third sector, Pingo Doce promotes the sale of products developed by institutions that are engaged in fighting social exclusion in the Portuguese society:

  • Since 2012, we have been supporting CEERDL – Centro de Educação Especial Rainha Dona Leonor, an institution that provides occupational services, rehabilitation therapy, residential and home support, vocational training and employment support for people with disabilities and mental illnesses. The lilies planted and picked by those who are supported by this social solidarity cooperative, were sold at the Company’s stores;
  • Since 2013, we have been supporting the Cogumelo Solidário (Generous Mushroom) project, led by AANP – Associação dos Albergues Nocturnos do Porto (Porto Night Shelters Association), for the sale of organic shitake mushrooms. This project focuses on contributing towards the financial sustainability of the services provided by this entity to homeless people, including meals and basic personal care products.

The project Mercado Social (Social Market) began in the Lisbon region in 2018 and has now been extended geographically to include Pingo Doce stores in other parts of the country. This project aims to support third sector institutions that have their own food production, providing them with a space dedicated to the marketing of their products, the value of which reverts in full to those institutions: Mercearia Semear, run by Associação BIPP, Casa dos Sabores from Casa de Protecção e Amparo de Santo António, CERCICA (Cascais Cooperative for the Education and Rehabilitation of Citizens with Special Needs) and the Braga delegation of the Portuguese Red Cross.

With a partnership in place since 2011, Biedronka has been the main sponsor of the association Nadzieja na Mundial (Hope for the World Cup) since 2018, an association that, by promoting socialisation through sports, aims at supporting the development of children who are institutionalised.

This organisation promotes football tournaments for children and young people from Poland and the rest of the world. In addition to the financial support that covers the logistics associated with the Polish championship and the European (or World, depending on the year) championship, Biedronka offered fruit and water to the children participating in the different championships, as well as prizes for the best goalkeeper and the best striker.

Promoting literature and reading habits

Aware that promoting and disseminating children’s literature is a catalyst for knowledge, critical thinking and creativity among the younger generations, over a decade ago Pingo Doce began to make books for children and adolescents available at prices that all families could afford.

The Pingo Doce and Biedronka Children’s Literature Prizes are aimed at encouraging literary and artistic creativity, rewarding original works, and democratising access to reading at an important stage in the cognitive and emotional development of children. The winners of each phase of the prize, both in Poland and in Portugal, received a monetary prize of 25,000 euros, besides being guaranteed the publication and exclusive sale of the winning book in Biedronka and Pingo Doce stores.

Since its first editions, around 118,000 winning books have been sold in Portugal and 212,000 in Poland, the total accumulated value of the prizes awarded to authors and illustrators has amounted to 550,000 euros. The 2019 edition of Piorko was also sponsored by the Children’s Ombudsman in Poland.

In addition, Pingo Doce and Biedronka develop initiatives to complement the awards, reinforcing their commitment to encouraging reading habits among the younger population, of which they are examples:

  • The Bando do Bosque (Forest Gang) campaign, starring a group of soft toy animals and also including a children’s book with the same characters, offered to customers as a rebate on their purchases, stressed the importance of reading habits for children to develop cognitive and social skills. In partnership with the Portuguese National Reading Plan, for each book sold, 0.50 euros goes to projects whose main goal is to consolidate and further enrich regular reading practices in Pre-School and Primary School Education, through the projects Leitura em Vai e Vem (Reading Back and Forth) and Já Sei Ler (I Can Already Read), respectively;
  • The Ler Leva-nos Mais Longe (Reading Takes us Further) campaign put together 36 traditional children’s stories, in six volumes, to encourage children to read every day. For each book sold, 0.10 euros went towards the construction of a study hall with a library at Casa Acreditar, in Lisbon, where children and young people from the Portuguese Oncology Institute (IPO) can attend remedial teaching classes, an investment of more than 98,000 euros;
  • The Szkolne Przygody Gangu Słodziaków (School Adventures of the Toy Gang) challenge, aimed at Polish primary schools, wants to encourage daily reading and environmental protection behaviour. Winning schools receive books for their libraries and teachers are also offered teaching materials to encourage reading, interpretation and critical thinking.