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2022 – 230 years of first steps

“In a year marked by the war in Ukraine, inflation rose worldwide, putting pressure on household disposable income in all three countries where we operate. Our Companies strengthened their focus on competitiveness as a way to protect consumer buying power.”

2021 – A nature-grounded business

Our resilience and ability to fight resulted in remarkable sales growth in all the countries where we do business, with our companies delivering positive operating results concerning EBITDA. 

2020 – Standing strong on the front line

“In a year in which we celebrated Biedronka’s 25th anniversary and Pingo Doce’s 40th, the pandemic robbed us of our festive spirit and slowed the pace of growth, but it did not affect our financial soundness.”

2019 – The value of time

“In the year in which we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our listing on the Lisbon Stock Exchange, we broke the billion-euro EBITDA barrier for the first time.”
Get to know the highlights of the year.

2018 – Feeding today. Seeding tomorrow.

“2018 was an exceptional year, with record sales and solid growth. Get to know the main highlights that made 2018 a year of commitment and delivery.”

2017 - 225 Years Growing

“In 2017, we celebrated 225 years with record sales, strengthened market positions and a new brand. Get to know the key moments that made 2017 another year of accelerated growth.”

Zoom in 2016

“2016 was a year of achievement and delivery in the Group: with a total investment of 482 million euros, we strengthened the market shares in all the countries, while maintaining our financial balance.”

2015 in the Jerónimo Martins Group

“2015 was a dual celebration year, we celebrated Pingo Doce’s 35th and Biedronka’s 20th anniversaries.”

The World of Jerónimo Martins in 2014

“To grow in a responsible manner and to create value for all our stakeholders.”

Annual Report 2013

Read the digital version of the 2013 Annual Report.