The Year In Review

Feeding today.
Seeding tomorrow.

Our last year was exceptional.
Record sales, solid growth and the confidence that everything we do pays off. Today and tomorrow.
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Year in review

Get to know the main highlights that made 2018 a year of accelerated growth.

Greater proximity

In 2018 we opened a store every 32 hours, strengthening our commitment towards the growth of our businesses and the investment on convenience formats.

Net Openings in 2018
Total store network

Global Brands

We have launched the Group’s first global brands in the personal care and beauty category, and in the organic products segment: Be Beauty and Go Bio.

Solid growth

We beat all sales records, having added more than one billion euros to the Group’s turnover.

At the same time, we have climbed more than 60 positions in the ranking of the world’s largest retailers in the last 10 years. We ranked 55th on the Global Powers of Retailing 2019.


We are members of the main international sustainability indices, where we are recognized by our best social and environmental practices.

What we did

In 2018, we increased the market share of our banners and invested 658 million euros in the expansion of our business.

17,337 M€
960 M€
Net Profit
401 M€

Message from the Chairman

“Once again, we are proud of our efforts to balance performance in the short term and sustainability in the long term”


Pedro Soares dos Santos

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

How we make a difference

Did you know that 90% of the food products we sell in our stores are bought from local suppliers? Get to know our initiatives in the Sustainability area in 2018.

How we are organised

Get to know our Governance Model.

Media Presentation

See the main highlights of the year in the Group’s presentation to the Media.

Investors Presentation

See here the main financial information of the Group for 2018.

Download centre

For more detailed information, you can download the Group's 2018 Annual Report, in full or by chapter.