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The Year In Review

How We Make a Difference

We are driven by the ambition to generate a positive change whereby value can be shared with our customers, suppliers, employees and communities.
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Our pillars

Our way of making a difference is expressed through the promotion of healthy eating habits, respect for biodiversity, responsible sourcing, support to surrounding communities and through valuing our employees’ work.

Promoting Good Health through Food

We promote a healthy diet

We improved the nutritional composition of the Private Brand and Meal Solutions products for the good health of those who place their trust in us.

Tonnes of fat
Tonnes of sugar
Tonnes of salt

We put food safety first

Every day we raise our food safety standards and train our teams to ensure that our products have the very highest quality.

Product analysis
> 35,700
Employees trained in food hygiene and safety

Advocating healthier choices

The launches of Private Brand food products with health benefits aimed at making a positive contribution towards consumers adopting healthier consumption patterns.

36 gluten-free references launched
91 references with no added sugar, gluten or lactose
10 new healthier alternatives launched

Respecting the Environment

100% of electricity from renewable sources

We have made the strategic decision to hire 100% electricity from renewable sources and have installed solar panels to meet the needs of our companies in Portugal.

Tonnes of C02e
Solar panels in Portugal

We have created more
eco-friendly packaging

The partnerships with our suppliers continue to bear fruit. Ecodesign packaging solutions are an example of resource savings.

-3,500 tonnes
Materials used in packaging

Carbon Footprint Reduction

We constantly seek to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment. In 2018, we have reduced our carbon footprint compared to 2017, mostly by acquiring renewable energy certificates.

Carbon footprint reduction per € 1,000 of sales

We’re changing behaviour with a single bottle

We are contributing towards changing daily habits by making our stores points for refilling the re-usable ECO water bottles.

Stores with re-filling systems
3.8 tonnes
Disposable plastic packages avoided

Sourcing Responsibly

Commitment to local sourcing

Investing in local businesses is one of the hallmarks of our strategy for responsible sourcing.


We introduced local varieties in our stores

We set up partnerships with local suppliers, bringing the freshness of native fruits and vegetables to our stores.

Tonnes Apples from the Beiras Region
in Pingo Doce stores
Biedronka stores with local apples,
plums and peaches

More certified products

Our number of certified perishables and Private Brand products doesn’t stop growing.

Products with sustainability certification

We fight deforestation

We promote the sustainable production of commodities and monitor the presence of these ingredients in our Private Brand products.

Palm oil sustainably sourced
Soy sustainably sourced

Supporting Surrounding Communities

Direct support

Every day we support the most vulnerable segments of society with food and monetary donations.

€31.5 M (+45%)
Donated to the communities
+ 1,000
Charities Supported

We support those who also make a difference

Social institutions rely on our support to improve the quality of life of children, youngsters and elderly people.

Elderly people supported in Poland
Children supported in Colombia

We are present in the good and bad times

We join forces with the populations to help them recover from disasters.

48,000 €
Donated to Bordaleira's sheep breeders affected by a forest fire
1 tonne
Meals donated to institutions responsible forrelief operations at the Borba quarry

Being a Benchmark Employer

We reward those who contribute to our growth

Our employees are the driving force of a Group that speaks the same language: the sustainable growth one.

€110 Million
in awards to employees

We believe in inclusion

We create job opportunities for migrants, refugees and those with special educational needs.

People admitted through our inclusion programmes

Present at all times

We support our employees in the areas of health, education and well-being.

€20 Million
Invested in Internal Social Responsibility
Employees supported by the Social
Emergency Funds

Responsibility at Jerónimo Martins

Get to know in detail our approach to sustainability in our dedicated area.

Message from the Chairman

Read the message from Pedro Soares dos Santos, Chairman of the Jerónimo Martins Group.

How we are organised

Get to know our Governance Model.

Download centre

For more detailed information, you can download the Group's 2018 Annual Report, in full or by chapter.