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The Year In Review


Every night, around the world, families come together at the dinner table. Every day, our companies work hard to meet the needs of millions of families.
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The investments we’ve made in large kitchens allow us to control the origin and quality of the ingredients we use, cook nutritionally balanced meals and fight food waste.



Choosing the best for your family

A happy family is known right around the table. A time for sharing, in which people focus on their loved ones again. Our food solutions offer fresh products that are carefully selected and include increasingly more ready-to-eat options, with the quality and flavour of a homemade meal.

The investments we’ve made in large kitchens in Portugal and the soup factory in Poland allow us to control the origin of the ingredients we use, cook nutritionally balanced meals and fight food waste.

When making soups, for example, we use the so-called “ugly” vegetables, which, being non-graded, risk to be left rotting on the fields, losing all their economic and nutritional value.

13.600 Tonnes

Non-graded fruits and vegetables incorporated in food solutions

Nutrition and flavour, without waste

Part of the tasks carried out by employees in the Group’s kitchens and stores are thought to help avoid wasting leftover food. This is done in partnership with charities who work with local communities and help deliver the surplus food to thousands of families deprived of quality meals.

In Poland, the success of the soup factory has led to expanding the initial production of three varieties to 15 different soups created by a chef. In Portugal, meal preparation is coordinated by chefs who follow the latest trends and seek to create nutritionally balanced and flavourful meals.

Meals that nurture gatherings around a table. This is what we also strive for at the Jerónimo Martins Group, enabling our customers to have more time for themselves and for their families, and to focus on what really matters.

What we did

Get to know the main indicators that demonstrate the Group’s performance over the last year.

How we make a difference

Get to know our 2019 initiatives in the Sustainability area.

Message from the Chairman

Read the message of Pedro Soares dos Santos, Chairman of the Jerónimo Martins Group.

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