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Defining Priorities

When the elderly found themselves isolated and without support, a number of volunteers from the central offices ensured the delivery of essential goods.
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More than food, the elderly customers receive time, attention and hope.

Definig priorities

The elderly were the most affected

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic caused a huge disruption in everyone’s lives. A health, economic and social crisis which particularly affected the elderly. They were doubly affected as it was clear that they were the most exposed to the deadly progression of the virus and were also the ones who had to be isolated to protect their lives.





Internal volunteering

But the confinement of the elderly has high, often invisible, psychological costs associated with it. Suddenly, overnight, it was impossible to go to the café with friends, take a walk in the park, be with the family, go to the local supermarket.

When the requests for help increased, the Jerónimo Martins Group created an internal volunteer programme to supply essential goods to customers over the age of 70 who could not leave home and had no help to go shopping.

Margarida lives with her sister, also elderly, in Lisbon. When she heard about the 70+ Programme, she called the support line and was assigned a volunteer from the head office. Months later, even after the lockdown rules were relaxed, the volunteer kept on helping. More than food, the elderly customers receive time, attention and hope.

What we did

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How we make a difference

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Message from the Chairman

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