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We know that modern societies face complex challenges and that our very existence, as an organisation, depends on the resources that planet Earth provides. We always take these concerns into account in the way we run our business. In 2021, we enhanced our role as an agent of change in environmental and social sustainability issues while growing sales and strengthening market positions in the countries where we operate.

Message from the Chairman

Our resilience and ability to fight resulted in remarkable sales growth in all the countries where we do business, with our companies delivering positive operating results concerning EBITDA.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Responsibility


We closed the year listed on over 100 international indices that recognise the world’s most sustainable companies.

In the decade ending in 2021, we invested around 6.5 billion euros, created 70,000 jobs and improved the remuneration and conditions of our employees.

What we Did

The Group’s sales increased 8.3% to 20.9 billion euros, driven by the double-digit growth of Biedronka (in local currency) and the solid performance of the other Companies.

Biedronka 69.6% 14,542 M€
Pingo Doce 19.4% 4,046 M€
Ara 5.3% 1,102 M€
Recheio 4.3% 906 M€
Hebe 1.3% 278 M€
Others 0.1% 15 M€
Net Profit
463 M€
1,585 M€

What we did

See the key indicators that show the Group’s performance in 2021.

How we make a difference

Read about our role as responsible corporate citizens.

Message from the Chairman

Read Pedro Soares dos Santos’ message.

Download centre

You can download the Annual Report here in full or by chapter for more detailed information.